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Suction-cup shampoo

It becomes its own dispenser.
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What with all this talk of shampoo, and the strange fixation on hygiene we have:

Limited shower shelf space? Tired of knocking the conditioner onto the shower floor? A bottle that sticks to the wall with two integrated suction cups. Call it a poor mans dispenser. Would cost hardly anything to build into shampoo bottles, with the flip cap on the bottom. Still portable, still recyclable (where facilities exist).

rbl, Mar 07 2002

dang it, hang it shampoo holder http://www.inventio...OOTHS/booth242.html
[superye, Mar 07 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I like the idea, but instead of building the suction cups into each bottle, why not sell/give away the suction cups seperately?   

       Also, for brand loyalty, you could create a holder that conforms only to your brand's bottle.
phoenix, Mar 07 2002

       Suction cups tend to be fairly poor at holding on, in my experience. You get shower gel in bottles with a hook at the opposite end from the cap, which is very handy for hanging in a shower, but I've never ordinary shampoo in such a bottle.
pottedstu, Mar 07 2002

       Don't drop the bottle.
waugsqueke, Mar 07 2002

       Tie a string to the shampoo bottle and hang it from the ceiling. Let it hang in the corner of the shower and make the string long enough to maneuver around the shower. No storage space needed.
dag, Mar 07 2002

       Integrate the shampoo with the shower, adding a shampoo setting to the controls and making the shower work like one of those jetwashs you clean your car with. No there are no bottles in the shower.
mcscotland, Mar 07 2002

       that sounds uncomfortable, and hard to wash your hair. It does give an interesting mental picture though.
rbl, Mar 07 2002

       Stop! Stop! You're killing me!
phoenix, Mar 07 2002

       They already make little shampoo holders with suction cups. If you buy one of those, you only have to pay for the suction cups once. And you don't end up throwing away extra plastic every couple of months.
rebekkahshiri, Mar 07 2002


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