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Dispenser Fridge

Door mounted dispensers for everything liquid.
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OK, so you may all start to think I am fixated on appliances:

Door mount dispenser system. Compartments inside the fridge door, pour in your milk or juice or soda or water. Sealed inside the door so they stay cold and fresh. A series of spouts on the outside of the door allows you to get any beverage without opening the door. Viewfinder to keep an eye on the levels. A spot to note the expiry date of perishables. The internal compartments would be removeable for cleaning.

Add the same set-up for the front of the freezer door, for vodka and rum!

Yes some fridges have water spouts, but usually plumbed into the building.

rbl, Mar 07 2002

Door-in-Door http://www.spenceri...llery/doorprog.html
An alternate solution to this problem [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I like it. Stores should sell liquids in standard containers that fit. You could use non-refrigerated cabinet doors for warm liquids or powders. The standard containers would be convenient for auto chefs when they are available.
tolly3, Mar 07 2002

       No thanks. Cleaning them would be too much of a pain compared to the minimal hassle of actually opening a container.
bookworm, Mar 07 2002

       You could do this without the removable containers if you designed your spouts and brackets to fit standard beverage containers (most sodas come in 2 liter bottles, milk and juice in 1/2gal). Then there would be no cleaning issue because you'd just throw away the empty container, like normal.
dana_renay, Mar 07 2002

       Why stop with drinks. Ketchup, mustard, pudding, applesauce etc all squirts out. Beef jerky could even be loaded into a semi-auto magazine. Or better yet, load the bread, roast beef, cheese and mayo into sepatate containers and press the sandwich button and it shuffles them together and out pops a sandwich.
dag, Mar 07 2002

       freudian fridge? it would be more likely to say "lay off the ice cream", or "easy on the beer".
rbl, Mar 07 2002

       just a Freudian slip, mother, back on my diet tomorrow promise.
po, Mar 07 2002

       What exactly is the problem with opening the fridge door for ten seconds?
angel, Mar 08 2002

       Technology for the sake of technology can be fun! Of course we could just open the door, but just how much fun is that?
rbl, Mar 08 2002

       Actually, they sell 2.5 gallon cuboid plastic containers of water with a spout at the front bottom. Same with wine.   

       If refrigerator-ready containers were all made with the same height and width, all you'd need is little doors in your fridge to insert the container.   

       No cleaning required. Quite bakable.
lumpy, Mar 08 2002

       Too messy and complicated. If you're too lazy to dispense your liquids the old-fashioned way, you're too lazy to maintain a fridge full of dispenser liquids and their eventually filthy spouts and tubes and handles.
horripilation, Nov 07 2002

       Some newer refrigerators solve this problem another way, by putting a little "door in the door" that lets you get at the beverages (or other frequently-accessed items) without opening the entire refrigerator door. See link.
krelnik, Nov 07 2002

       Youre talking about a kitchen full of vending machines, basically. Or a roomful of vending machines squeezed into a single cabinet? You can buy most food items in individual serving portions ( a bit expensive, though.)
whlanteigne, Jun 06 2003


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