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I used to live here for a brief time back in university. Left for several years when I joined the world of soul destroying work. Now I have an easy job I may just move back to the bakery.

[Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 02 2008]
(+3) Backup Electric Window Control
(+1) Ceiling Fan Aroma
(+1) comfort remote
(+10)(+10) Dynamic Globe
(+2, -1) Earn (and Pay) as You Walk
(+1) 'easter eggs' for easter eggs
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Federation of Reliable Builders
 Halcyon Days
 Holographic coffee-table
(+6) Kentucky Fried Person Stopper
(+1) Lava Moat
 Lighthearted Sunday League
(+5, -3) Memory Maker
(+9)(+9) *More* Informative "please hold" tone
(+1) Motocross Madness
(+6) Moustache Curtains
(+1) Padded condom. To the X-treme!!
(+2) Personal Black Box
(+5) Photo Safe
(+5, -2) Sani-Stop
 School Zone Speed Control
(+2) Shower Alarm
(+2) Subliminal Pavement Messages
(+1) Survival Mattress
(+2) The Pied Piper of Manchester
(+9)(+9) Travel Safe

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