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Ceiling Fan Aroma

Because we sometimes smell.
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I use those plug-in air fresheners to keep my myriad man smells to the bare minimum. Its just good sense.

However, I've noticed that even on the highest setting they can't compete with the result of 5 blokes after a game of football. The puny little thing just cowers their in a plug socket and radiates the good smellin' for about 3 feet before giving up in a huff.

I think a more effective solution could be to integrate the air freshener into a ceiling fan.

1) Replaceable freshener is inserted into the hub of the fan.

2) Freshener is wired up to power to operate in the same way as power outlet fresheners.

3) Release rate of the freshener can be adjusted along with the spin rate of the fan blades.

By this method, the aroma would be distributed throughout the room instead of just hanging there at the release point. No more bad football smell :-)

sambwiches, Mar 31 2003

Baked http://www.pelonis.com/pdf/tf_1200w.pdf
...if we are allowed to ignore the "ceiling" part. But this should certainly deploy that pine-fresh smell double time. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Another air freshener fan http://www.airdelights.com/gel.html
"comes in 9 air neutralizing fragrances," one of which, I am sure, will overpower even the blokest smells. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Ceiling Fans - Ceiling Fan .com http://www.ceilingfan.com
Air fresheners for ceiling fans. First time I heard about this... pretty neat! [kelly23, Oct 05 2004]


       You (and your fellow blokes) have heard of showers, right?
DrCurry, Mar 31 2003

       Probably can't hear the shower over all that fan noise.
bristolz, Mar 31 2003

       Yeah, yeah, yeah... we have showers, but after playing football about 5 mates come back to my house and play ISS pro evolution soccer on the PS2 for a couple of hours. No time for showers or you miss your turn :-)
sambwiches, Mar 31 2003

       [Remembers that personal hygiene is underrated in UK. Makes note to give sambwiches house a 5-mile berth.]
DrCurry, Mar 31 2003

       I've let myself in for it, haven't I? Bugger. For the record, I'm a very clean person, and I don't smell apart from during the aforementioned post-football periods. At least, I don't think I do *sniff*. It's an enchanting musk :)
sambwiches, Mar 31 2003

       (See links.)
DrCurry, Mar 31 2003

       (sam, suggested response to Curry: "Yeah, and I bet you smell pretty good for being an arsehole." I would never say that, of course.)
waugsqueke, Mar 31 2003

       Let the record show that my lips didn't move an inch :) I tried to open the pelonis link during my google search, but this crappy PC hates PDF files. had to open it in HTML, but got there in the end. Bugger.
sambwiches, Mar 31 2003

       Then you obviously haven't been in my drawing room at about midday on a Sunday, blissie :)
sambwiches, Mar 31 2003

       Bliss, how can a smelly man be better than your apple tree memory?
Helium, Mar 31 2003


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