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Shower Alarm

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Whenever anyone uses a tap/faucet in the house while the shower is in use, an alarm sounds both at the tap/faucet and in the shower, allowing the guy at the tap to turn it off and the guy in the shower to dive out of the stream before it becomes testicle-shrinkingly cold/testicle-meltingly hot.
sambwiches, Jun 28 2003

Bath Faucet (example) http://www.american...tNew.asp?prodID=623
Made by virtually everyone. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Why not just get a temperature regulating shower/bath faucet? [link]
Cedar Park, Jun 29 2003

       You could modify one of those backlit, red "On Air" signs they have in tv and radio studios. Have it somewhere central and mark in "In Shower".
wagster, Mar 07 2005

       like it [wags], charming idea.
neilp, Mar 08 2005

       Lovely ! And the Wagster anno is a plus ;)
NeoPiter, Mar 08 2005


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