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Interested in making things that actually SAVE people from working, giving them more time to think and care about things and people. Who cares if you can have e-mail in your cel-phone while your driving? if you're more fficient, then you should be able to take two hour lunches instead of one-hour ones.

The ultimate goal is to have enough interesting work for everyone to do that they don't go insane, but to not have to do difficult work all the time all day long.

[Nov 12 2000, last modified Jan 10 2021]

 3D Pornstar Mask
(+4, -5) Ad-based Phone Calls
(+5, -1) bullet time stamp
(+1) Digital Parking Signs
 Full Spectrum Solar Cell
 Mechanical "smart" gun
(+2) Modern Rosetta 2
(+2) Passive Emergency Radio Beacon
(+4, -1) Periscopic side view mirrors
(+2) Political Issues Voting
(+18, -1)(+18, -1) Radio Ambulance Siren
(-1) rosetta
(+2, -1) Swiss Army Kitchen Knife
(+8)(+8) Switched Frequency Hearing Aid
(+3) Tire Pressure Activated Snow Tires
(+4, -1) Undetectable Sniper Rifle
(+6) Wandering Hole Punch

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