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3D Pornstar Mask

Improve the lives of porn actors by giving them anonymity
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While there are many porn actors who are proud of their work, there are many more who find that being well known for their work negatively effects their lives.

By using Motion Capture, 3D artists could create hyperreal faces for these performers so that their faces could be obscured. On set, the actual performer could wear obscuring makeup that would both help with the motion capture and hide their identity in the raw recording.

Added bonus is that a popular performer could last beyond the limited span of the typical actor.

Also, some performers might do activities this way that they wouldn't be willing to do if their face weren't obscured.

simpleknight, Jan 30 2015

porn stars without makeup http://www.huffingt...e-up_n_3379731.html
can you really tie these people to their characters? [bob, Jan 31 2015]


       Here's me thinking of a mask to make you feel like a porn star.
wjt, Jan 30 2015

       Or to make you look like one.
pocmloc, Jan 30 2015

       - One could argue that if adults are willing to have sex on camera and adults are eager to watch it, there is nothing wrong with that.   

       However, many of these actors both male and female are forced to (keep) work(ing) in this industrie. So it's really rape that you are watching.   

       I feel this halfbaked invention would open a world of possibilities for further abuse.
zeno, Jan 30 2015

       On the other hand, the 1D masks are really constricting to wear.
RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2015

       This is...an idea, followed by some...annos.   

       Count me among those who are proud of their work.
normzone, Jan 30 2015

       Zeno, that sounds like an obtuse piece of logic. Human exploitation is common around the word but I believe that the assertion that many people who we see in pornography are being raped is false.
WcW, Jan 31 2015

       //A motion capture merkin// Now there is an idea worth posting. I'm sure many respected actors and actoresses would benefit from a green bikini-style merkin that could be green-screened to superimpose a set of stunt genitalia.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 31 2015

       I was going to say I would like to see these stunt genitalia but actually I'll manage just fine without.
pocmloc, Jan 31 2015

       I believe that stunt genitalia are used in scenes where the real genitalia are supposed to be on fire, falling from a great height, engaged in martial arts etc.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 31 2015

       Jar Jar Twinks
calum, Jan 31 2015

       It would be interesting to now the limit of a prosthetic to achieve anonymity. Maybe a slight change of the nose, jaw line or mole. Mole not known, mole-less known. A mole, face sized would be the trivial case.
wjt, Jan 31 2015

       theres an interesting article with before and afters that show what porn stars look without makeup often the off duty stars bear no semblance to their on camera selves.   

       More than anything. I hate this idea because the face is the most interesting body part to me in these films.
bob, Jan 31 2015

       Ive linked to an interesting article with before and afters that show what porn stars look without makeup often the off duty stars bear no semblance to their on camera selves.   

       More than anything. I hate this idea because the face what makes/breaks porn for me. if they wear masks they might as well be wearing rubber bodysuits.
bob, Jan 31 2015

       Beautifulagony.com for you, [bob].
normzone, Feb 01 2015

       I like x-art they seem to treat their ladies well and they have a lot of couples which give the impression that they enjoy what they are doing.
bob, Feb 01 2015

       Yeah, while not attempting to defend all that goes on in the porn world, the whole makeup / not made up thing is kind of irrelevant. If you put enough makeup on anybody they look different. That's what the art form is capable of.
normzone, Feb 01 2015

       Oh God, they're not making 3d porn are they? I'm not sure I'd want those glasses recycled.   

       Don't get me wrong previous posts the wrong way. I believe that porn stars deserve to have private lives that are separate from their public ones. Its just that I believe masks aren't the way to do it.
bob, Feb 04 2015

       To be clear, I'm not suggesting a literal mask on set. Instead, I guess the less click bait title would be "Motion Capture for Porn Star Faces to Obscure Them," but it doesn't have much snap.   

       It is interesting to see the difference between porn actresses with and without makeup, but as a human being who has seen women with and without makeup, I think I would recognize these women if I saw them often enough.   

       Regarding the face being important to the process, I agree this could be an issue, and getting past the uncanny valley would be important. However, seeing the way that current mainstream films are doing better and better at this, it will eventually be good enough.   

       The potential for abuse angle is an interesting one. However, I don't think ultimately obscuring the actor's identity will make any real difference. The directors and producers are either on the up and up or they aren't.   

       Ha ha, merkin.
simpleknight, Oct 21 2018

       //uncanny valley...   

       A friend (ahem) told me he had a porn video called that.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 22 2018

       // they're not making 3d porn are they? //   

       They're making VR porn now.
notexactly, Nov 07 2018

       One upside to something like green screen technology in erotic videos is that with sufficient technology the software could find out the kind of faces and breasts you prefer and then shift the appearance of the performers, even amateurs having real sex they like, towards what the viewer prefers.
beanangel, Nov 07 2018

       Or enlarge the breasts to make them legal in Australia, expanding the pool of potential viewers for some performers.
notexactly, Nov 08 2018


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