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Digital Parking Signs

Solar powered signs that tell you if you can park now and for how long...
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Pretty simple:

Solar powered digital sign that says "Park from now until x time" and the cost, if any.

Sign would also have the previous and next time limits, and a permanent QR code to see all rules for that stretch.

Signs ideally would be 3 color (black, red, white) E-ink displays for reduced power consumption and ease of viewing during the day. For night use, could have LED lights that are on when it's dark or are only on when a button is pressed.

Could also include passive beacons for use with GPS and smartphones.

Could have warnings when space is about to be a no parking zone.

And to convince cities to get them, could also coordinate with meters to create a beacon for traffic officers when cars are in violation of major no parking times (but shouldn't be just for someone over their limit).

simpleknight, Aug 22 2014

(???) Example bad sign http://galleries.go...orrisH ollywood.jpg
Confusing parking sign [simpleknight, Aug 23 2014]

Fixed version of above link http://galleries.go...MorrisHollywood.jpg
[ytk, Aug 26 2014]


       This is excellent, but I don't understand it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 22 2014


       I could do a drawing, but there's no way to post it here.   

       not sure how much more I can explain it.   

       Imagine the current parking signs, only they can change based on time of day, and for example, say something like:   

       "Free parking from now until 4pm   

       After 4, no parking until 6, tow away   

       For complete information scan the QR code or visit the URL listed"   

       Then, it would change in real time. So you'd always know what the rules were for say at least the next 2 hours.
simpleknight, Aug 22 2014

       Ah, right. It seems like a lot of tech to replace existing static signs that say things like "Pay & Display 9am-1pm".   

       However, an extension of this would be a sensor in each parking space that could detect if it were free; a WiFi connection; and an app that would tell you exactly where you could park at that instant (along with prices and time limits). Or perhaps that's what you had in mind?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 23 2014

       Well, the problem is that many street signs in major cities like NY, LA, SF, have many rules. They can lead to signs like the new link I added.   

       And my idea is simpler than using a WiFi connection and sensor, although once cars have them built in, maybe. But this way, the city takes care of the issue, not the visitor.
simpleknight, Aug 23 2014

       One problem that does occur to me: if a parking sign is variable, then it could be changed while you are parked. Which means it could be abused.   

       Still, I think it's better than purely static signs.
simpleknight, Aug 24 2014

       There is a way to add drawings to the idea, I think via Jutta.   

       Mostly people put up illustrations somewhere else and add a link below the idea.
zeno, Aug 25 2014

       Honestly, I didn't think an illustration was needed. Just look at the bad sign to see what the problem is. Now imagine a single sign, probably twice as tall as the current signs, that tells you if you can park right now and for how long. If I want to park for 8 hours, but I can only park for 4, then that's really the only info I need.   

       Then, when the rules change, the sign changes.
simpleknight, Aug 25 2014


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