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Wandering Hole Punch

What if you had a hole punch that could punch anywhere!?
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Was looking for a hole punch solution for a craft project, and got to thinking: how would you punch a hole in the middle of an arbitrary piece of paper/cardboard.

There are some solutions:

Drill Laser cutter/craft cutter extra huge hole puncher Custom die cut Metal punch

Each of these has problems, whether cost, size limits, or clean cuts.

Which got me to thinking: is there a way to make a punch where the cutter and receiver would line up perfectly in an arbitrary position on the stock in question?

I did a search, and found nothing.

Then I thought of this: what if the cutter and receiver had specially positioned and oriented magnets that allow you to line up the punch, then fix the receiver below? Set the whole thing on a flat surface, then punch!

Or, you could align the magnets at the edge of the material, and glide the rig to where the hole needed to be.

simpleknight, Jul 22 2016

Related magnetic alignment Sideways_20Stapler_20Mk2
See [csea] anno at bottom. [csea, Jul 22 2016]

Electrician's Hole Punch Tool http://www.greenlee...pic4CFQGRfgodnRsLew
If you are willing to drill an initial (small) hole, then this tool can punch out a nice smooth large hole. [Vernon, Jul 23 2016]


       The magnet solution is slickety slick. I think it would work. Nice halfbake SK.
bungston, Jul 22 2016

       Yay, magnets! See [link] for related idea.   

       The anvil might need chamfered edges to assist with minor misalignment depending on stack thickness.
csea, Jul 22 2016

       Handgun loaded with .22 short wadcutter rounds. Job done.
8th of 7, Jul 23 2016

       Sp.: Hole
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 23 2016

       I wondered if hold was intentional, referring to the ability of this punch to get a purchase on any area.
bungston, Jul 23 2016

       Size of tool(∝ energy) versus work space orientation. A laser via conduction cable would have smallest head and the most flexibility in a tight corner. Magnets won't slip around a fold.   

       Best to punch the clean sheet and, because of planning, fold and assemble around the hole.
wjt, Jul 23 2016

       Hummingbirds already can put their beaks in any flower at any angle.   

       They just need a portable back pack punch strapped on and a bit of training.   

       Or maybe smallish flamethrowers.
popbottle, Jul 24 2016

       Those programmed permanent magnets might be useful for fine alignment.
notexactly, Jul 26 2016


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