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[Jun 28 2000, last modified Apr 15 2001]
(+7, -1) broomstick flight simulator
(+16, -1)(+16, -1) Containerized Passenger Service
(+5) Crypto Hanko
(+8)(+8) DVD Annotations
 Fake cigarette for nonsmokers
(+6, -1) Fart Catheter
(+3) Grass shoes
(+17)(+17) Hang-on-a-minute button
(+3, -7) Individually chosen driving/drinking age
(+6) Max Headroom Clock
(+9)(+9) Predictive suspension
(+10)(+10) Refrigerated Undershirt
(+8)(+8) Riemann & Lobachevsky's Kama Sutra
(+10)(+10) Subliminal ring tones

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