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broomstick flight simulator

new input device for game consoles
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Build a broomstick-shaped input device for the video-game console du jour. It should be a broomsick-shaped object on a central support, maybe with a wide spot to make it a little more pleasant to sit on (like a bicycle seat). The attachment to the support would be hinged and would have position sensors to control the game. The front-end of the broomstick (where the player's/rider's hands would go) should have some buttons, maybe one of those mini "hat" joysticks.

Start developing now. Bring it out around the time the next Harry Potter book arrives, along with a networked multiplayer Quidditch simulator. Make millions of dollars. Send some of it to me.

(Inspired by Rodomontade's annotation in "stick driving simulator" (which is about cars).)

wiml, Jul 04 2001


       You realise that apart from the harry poter thing, no one would actualy buy them... within a couple of years the craze would be over and broomsticks inc. would go out of business...
RobertKidney, Jul 04 2001

       That's OK, by then I'll have retired to the private island in the Pacific I made by piling all of my spare change in the ocean.   

       Seriously, though --- people do buy weird game input devices. If it had a good game or two, this sort of thing might sell a little even without Harry Potter. Okay, maybe not. I'll stuff the prototype in the closet next to the PowerGlove ...
wiml, Jul 04 2001

       It would be too expensive. Kids and teens who like Harry Potter wouldn't be able to afford it.
billybob5982, Aug 08 2006

       What about using it in a simulation designed to teach kids how to use a broom to sweep the floor?
Size_Mick, Aug 08 2006

       I thought this was a broomstick flight stimulator. My imagination ran wild!
bungston, Aug 09 2006


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