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Yet another intermittently active h'ber, started in 2007 when I was but an immature kid. I'm still immature, but more elloquent.

Participating member of the Ooolongftangftangbank profile scheme

[Jul 19 2007, last modified Mar 25 2010]

(+2, -3) Brish
(+8)(+8) DELLphin
(+3, -1) Generational House-Submarine
(+2) Goods & Services Internet Deal
(+16)(+16) Malevolent Sofa
(+5, -3) Roflwaffles
(+2, -7)(+2, -7) RTS T-Bagging
(+1, -19)(+1, -19)(+1, -19) 'Your Mom' Database

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