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RTS T-Bagging

Nothing says I am 1337 (or simply a jerk) like T-Bagging
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As many FPS gamers know there’s nothing more frustrating than some smart aleck slaughtering you when you’re only trying to have fun. This is especially so when he has to literally rub it in your face by figuratively T-Bagging your sorry butt. Well, this idea isn't for you gamers who get slaughtered.

This idea is those bloody 1337 smart aleck's. I mean, somebody has to give them something for all the hours of their lives honing their fast-twitch reflexes that they could have spent, well, living.

WIBNI Corp has been hard at work introducing a 'T-Bag' command into many off the shelf RTS games, for simplicity this idea will use Star craft, an oldie that most should know.

The concept is simple, take legged ground based units that have a melee attack (and certain ones that have a ranged attack) and give them a far weaker secondary melee attack mode called ‘T-Bag’, complete with unique T-Bagging animations.

A weaker attack? What sort of insane n00b would use such a thing?

That’s just the thing, T-Bagging is not meant to be used by n00b’s but the 1337 gamers, an idea admittedly far more insane at first glance.

Why? For the fun of it, nothing says p0wned more rushing into an unprepared opponents base with a bunch of zerglings and killing everything in sight to death with their talons than rushing into an unprepared opponents base with a bunch of zerglings and _T-Bagging_ everything in sight to death with their *censored*

Similarly destroying all but your opponents weakest unit, then slowly _T-Bagging_ the said last unit into a shallow grave with your clearly superior forces comes under the WIBNI label for 'fun'

Yes, it’s cruel, in fact, it’s _inhuman_ but all the same, it’s fun to watch the n00bs rage quit. At least until one of them points out that you still live in your mother’s basement at 30.

Zerglings: fast, cheap, relatively weak melee units easily deployed in overwhemling swarms early on in the game

Fun: Demonstrating your superiority over another

xxobot, Apr 14 2010

An oldie I do know. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dune_II
Dune 2 is a landmark Real Time Strategy game. [Jinbish, Apr 14 2010]

Command & Conquer http://en.wikipedia...onquer_(video_game)
A further trip down memory lane... (although trying not to remember dial-up modem access rates). [Jinbish, Apr 14 2010]

Wikipedia: Teabagging http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teabagging
Mentions the sexual and the gamer aspect. [jutta, Apr 14 2010]


       I'm >< this close to boning the idea. I don't see why online RTS games should follow the sorry online conventions that FPS has developed.
Jinbish, Apr 14 2010

       Fast twitch reflexes are actually a must in high-level rts tournaments simply because of the sheer amount of frantic clicking and micromagement you need to do (accuratly) just to keep up with the next guy...
xxobot, Apr 14 2010

       Could you please explain what T-bagging is? Some peope seem to think it is placing your balls in someones mouth, others say it is placing your balls on someones eyes. What do you think? I ask merely for information.
zeno, Apr 14 2010

       It's the first one, zeno. I hope this helps.
calum, Apr 14 2010

       Is there a translation of this idea into English available anywhere?
coprocephalous, Apr 14 2010

       "Online real-time strategy games should offer a weak but humiliating attack that players can use, combined with overwhelming numbers of forces, to demonstrate their high status to weaker players who have challenged or offended them."   

       There is a basic continuity problem here, isn't there? In FPS, opponents are dead and lying down when they're being T-bagged. Dangling your testicles in the mouth of an independently controlled, standing opponent would require a stepladder. Is the RTS perspective so high up that that doesn't matter?
jutta, Apr 14 2010

       //Could you please explain what T-bagging is?//   

       'T-Bagging' in a first person shooter gaming context, is going up to somebody (normally somebody you just killed) and pressing crouch rapidly; it is used as a sign of domination and 'ownage' this is the sort I mean.   

       //There is a basic continuity problem here, isn't there? //   

       It is only meant to be reminiscent of the FPS genre in the crouching action; the RTS units crouch up and down rapidly on/near their target whilst doing minimal damage.   

       Nice English translation, by the way.
xxobot, Apr 15 2010

       I will never look at starcraft the same way...
xxobot, Apr 17 2010

       Those of us who are already playing starcraft 2 don't either.   

       And I have to to bone this idea. I'm starting to notice that certain behaviours cultivated in masculine online cultures are find their way into the real world. For instance, I saw a kid symbolically tea-bagging another kid playing a field game. I was a kid a few short years ago and would never have thought to repeatedly squat over a fallen opponent. And surely I would have been negatively sanctioned by others (eg. What the expletive are you doing!?).   

       I don't think this new phenomenon has been considered thoroughly enough by social engineers. The combination of constant violent gaming with social features with intermittent pauses to watch porn is a cultural breeding ground that should be immediately studied.
rcarty, Apr 17 2010

       "Teabagging - not. Earl Grey."
normzone, Apr 17 2010

       agreed [rcarty]   

       I feel compelled to fishbone yet another of my own ideas, not as if I didn't expect it though :P
xxobot, Apr 20 2010

       Let's not even start on the fact that Overlords look like testes with slime hanging off them.
Germanicus, Apr 20 2010


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