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3rd hand books

Giving books a.. 3rd life.
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The lifecycle of used books ordered online is quite different from books that are donated to thrift stores. Thrift stores go through their donations, and discard, more or less, 80% of what get's donated. The rest is discarded, hopefully to be recycled. It is up to the sorter, to determine which books get kept, and generally, they keep the ones that they know will move. What about those other books?

Proposed service: provide equipment to thrift stores that will allow them to:

- scan all incoming books, determining their worth - post them online to be sold - properly inventory books - quickly mail books out

A service like this would provide the following advantages:

- money made from an otherwise wasted resource - books saved (reuse is always better than recycle) - higher profit by allowing you to see the value of the books donated (2 weeks a go i bought a books for 50 cents, it was worth about $40 on ebay.

The service can be run, in my opinion, 2 different ways: 1. service is based within the thrift shop, operated by their own employees, and a percentage goes to the providers of the equipment/service. 2. the equipment providers (or franchise owners) take many, if not all, of the books from the thrift shop and retail them online. A percentage of the revenue goes to the thrift shop.

It could be a really bare bones setup, and would benefit all involved.

twitch, Jan 26 2013

So many titles. http://shopgoodwill...stbycat.asp?catid=2
Is this what you meant? [blissmiss, Jan 26 2013]


Brian the Painter, Jan 26 2013

       We have exactly what you are talking about at Goodwill. Our ecommerce site scans all books that we receive, and we also have a person who documents every book we receive for resell on our web site. Every book finds a home, for the most part. (shopgoodwill.com, shame-less self promotion). But this is no reason to delete the idea as is it is not widely known to exist.
blissmiss, Jan 26 2013


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