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Assemble a Cellphone

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LCD display, keypad, battery, actual cellphone chip should be available as saperate parts. Make your own cellphone by combining these.

Cellphone chip can be made available in a form similar to USB -stick cellphone modem.

If one wants a larger display, simply replace the display.

VJW, Jan 23 2011

Modu http://www.modumobile.com/#/modu_story/
Modular phone [DenholmRicshaw, Jan 24 2011]


       Done this. With my Motorola SlimLite in the latter years of the 90s. It was in my jacket inside pocket and smashed apart whilst navigating the corner of a banister at the bottom of a stairway that encouraged swinging around rapidly. Then I did it again a few weeks later. Both screws at the bottom of the case were smashed from their mounts, so after that it would have a habit of turning into a self-assembly kit at a moments notice, down the pub. This one preceded my StarTac 130, which used the same battery, which was handy as the 130 could hardly do a whole day on just one.
Ian Tindale, Jan 23 2011

       I this will also help in trouble shooting at consumer level.
VJW, Jan 24 2011

       Will it come with a CE/FCC certification sticker ?
8th of 7, Jan 24 2011

       Modu has something higher level - see link
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 24 2011

       for startac read blu-tack!
po, Jan 24 2011

       sometimes we have to throw away cellphone just because keypad stoped working, may be due to dust or coffee-spill. In above case, replace only keypad, just like we change battery.
VJW, Jan 24 2011


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