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Discreet S.O.S. Buttons

In case you get carjacked and the thief takes you with the car.
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This idea is intended to prevent you from being kidnapped in your own vehicle. Basically, there are buttons placed discreetly throughout the vehicle, buttons which are not visible unless you (the owner) know where to look, because you chose the locations. Suggested locations are in the trunk, on the back of the steering wheel, recessed into the steering wheel and flush with the surrounding material (not visible from any seat, and you can't feel it unless you have very sensitive fingers), in the back seat between the seat cushions, etc. The buttons, when pressed in a password sequence that you set (to prevent them from being accidentally pressed) send a distress signal to the police via OnStar, which they use to track your vehicle with the OnStar GPS feature. These buttons allow you to signal the police discreetly, without letting your kidnappers know you're doing it. This way, when the police pull them over, they're taken completely by surprise.
21 Quest, Feb 22 2009


       [+] Already baked to a certain degree. Taxi cabs and public transit busses have this feature. The only complication that I can predict is that there would be so many unintended alarms (as with audible car alarms) that eventually in a "real" situation, nobody would take it seriously.
Jscotty, Feb 22 2009


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