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Comparative Religion Seminary

A seminary with many religions under one roof
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Religious strife has caused more misery in the world than almost any other human activity. Those with little knowledge of their own religion and even less of other religions portray everyone outside their narrow group as bloodthirsty heathen -- Christians and Jews view Islam as a religion of fanatical suicide bombers, Muslims portray Jews as cannabalistic controllers of the West and Christians as their willing lackeys, and the poor Buddhists get picked on by everyone.

Enter the comparative religion seminary. Catholic priests, Protestant preachers, Jewish Rabbis, Islamic Imans, Buddhist monks, Hindu priests, and representatives of other religions all under one roof. Those searching for spiritual fulfillment would take a four year undergraduate course studying the beliefs and rituals of all religions in the seminary and receive a bachelor degree in comparative religion. Only then would one be allowed to pursue a master's degree and specialize in a particular religion, with an oral final defending that faith against questions from the representatives of other faiths.

Once a candidate has earned a master's degree and successfully defended against other faiths, he or she could then apply to become a priest (or the equivalent) in the religion of his or her choice. The resulting priest/preacher/iman/rabbi/monk would be well-versed in other religions, and hopefully more tolerant of the beliefs of others -- after all, if a die-hard Pentecostal preacher has a Buddhist friend, it's harder for him to condemn the latter to the fiery pits of hell in the afterlife.

mrouse, Nov 27 2002

Become an ordained minister in less than 3 minutes http://www.ulc.org/
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       Problem is,if i want to be a Trappist monk it wont give me much to talk about.
skinflaps, Nov 27 2002

       Aren't those the monks that brew beer? I think you'd find plenty of company even if you were silent.
mrouse, Nov 27 2002

       ''- - - - - - - - - - - -"
skinflaps, Nov 27 2002

       You can say that again, skinflaps! Now pass me another beer.
mrouse, Nov 27 2002

       Most seminaries do require that the applicant has already earned a four year undergraduate degree at a secular university or college. Therefore, one would think, that exposure to and tolerance of other faiths would have already been established as most religion programs are comparative in nature and require papers on and study of various topics outside of one's own paradigm. One would hope that the candidates had also met and become friends with persons of different faiths while pursuing the undergraduate degree.   

       And, the Trappist make cheese, not beer....unless I misunderstood the purpose of the cows.....
Marassa, Nov 28 2002

       They make beer as well. Chimay is the best known, but a Goooogle for "Trappist beer" gives 1,320 hits.
angel, Nov 28 2002

       And what amazing beer it is ..... 12% ABV for Trappiste Tripel, a famed Lambic beer; no wonder they're silent orders, especially in the mornings - the deafening clink of the soluble aspirin as it goes into the water must be agony.....   

       [Marassa], some of the beer tastes of cheese too. It's best not to enquire.   

       As to the idea iself, I think that most Christian seminaries now have comparative religion as part of their curriculum, but as an overall Idea it's pretty good. I would like to apply for the post of lecturer in Jedi studies (Dark side of the force), and I have a friend who will teach the theory and practice of Satanism. And if you want a good Defence against the Dark Arts teacher, just call my ex-wife; she's a witch.
8th of 7, Nov 28 2002

       >I would like to apply for the post of lecturer in Jedi studies (Dark side of the force)... And if you want a good Defence against the Dark Arts teacher, just call my ex-wife   

       Defense number 1: divorce the practitioner of the Dark Arts, and invoke the higher power of a "court order" -- "Oh judge, we beseech thee, cast a restraining order of no less than one hundred feet around me to protect me against the depredations of dark one!" (grin)
mrouse, Nov 28 2002

       No, I just stole the rotor arm from her broomstick.
8th of 7, Nov 28 2002


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