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Computer Mouse with pressure sensitive button.

Direct replacement for pen and pressure pad products.
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A new computer mouse to replace your standard one which has a (or many) pressure sensitive button. With high resolution and precise movement and complete with 255 - 1024 levels of pressure settings you would be able to perform graphical tasks such as variable line width or varying levels of opacity in the style of a current graphic pad and pens.

Current developments with new pressure sensitive, electrically conductive compounds (undisclosed) would enable manufacturers to keep costs very low indeed. Integration of these buttons with the current mouse electronics would be trivial.

This type of device would be of great interest to the Graphic art sectors for 2D and 3D artwork solutions.

If the mouse button could utilise standard graphic pad pressure tools setups there could be true integration with applications which support pressure input devices. (Photoshop, Mirage, Dabbler, etc). Other uses would soon become apparent. See the following list for other ideas:

1) 2D, traditional brush pressure sensitive drawing. For example if the mouse had two pressure sensitive buttons the left could be used for the drawing and the right could be used as an eraser.

2) New types of games could be invented utilizing the pressure button. e.g. variable speed on driving games, hit strength on fighting games, variable weapon power, jumping style games with variable jump height and lengths, puzzle games where elements are tasked with varying pressure of the mouse button. etc.

3) 3D, Virtual clay type scenarios where a 3D object could be manipulated, punched, pulled with varying forces.

4) Childrens novelty mouse for painting with easy brush sizes and colour opacity. (Kids love using the mouse for drawing)

5) New types of user interface input. Varying pressure on the button could control new navigation features, drop-downs, drag and drop etc!

6) Could have the option to switch between a digital (standard) or analogue (pressure) button. The button click sound may have to be simulated in software and output to speakers.

PS2's and Xbox game controllers already have this type of 'analogue' button so I presume it would be very easy to move this technology into a standard mouse.

Couldn't find any other direct equivalent on Google or through a quick Patent search.

Cord. 2005.

Please give proper credit where due.

cord, Mar 10 2005


       You don't need to ask for credit with an idea that merits it in its own.+
zeno, Mar 13 2005

       awesome.. run with it! make it more than just a half baked idea! :)
kumpf, Mar 14 2005

       (-) This won't work. For drawing, I want to use the fine motor control in my fingertips. The mouse, controlled with the wrist, is nowhere near as dextrous; the pressure sensitivity would be wasted.
jutta, Feb 19 2008

       Sorta like a hat switch on a joystick? Or a 3D mouse clitoris? What level of sensitivity are we talking about? You could just put one of those eraser thingys that laptops used to have they gave a X and Y output to the direction of the pressure you put on them.
WcW, Feb 20 2008

       I want one - it would mean one less thing cluttering my desk (my drawing tablet is always in the way).   

       Maybe rather than a pressure sensitive button, it could use a range of motion on a squeeze trigger type button - it would be easier to implement. And if the action was really light (ie very easy to move), it wouldn't cause muscle fatigue as a pressure-sensitive button might.
ffangs, Jan 22 2011

       I wonder. Would if the mouse gave feedback, just how annoying it would be to us old-timers?   

       I would absolutely hate it in my job application. - - you crossed a line, I must now vibrate. Don't hate me! I'm just the mouse.   

       I'm neutral as i'm not sure I caught your wave
Zimmy, Jan 22 2011


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