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rightclick-moveright-leftclick mousemacro

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You do a google search, and to your frustration, the only match that occurs is on www.geocities.com. You know that this site is famous for its pop-up ads, but what're you going to do; this is the only result there was. Gritting your teeth, you click the site, and . . . AWWWW, an internet pop-up window comes up. The amazing X-cam! Simply hide it in a woman's vagina while she's sleeping and you can take amazing pictures of her all day long without anyone knowing!

To get rid of this ad without looking at it, you can go to the taskbar. Right-click the task, move to the right a few inches, and left-click "Close".

That's the traditional way to do it. A little macro in the mouse would make it literally one click away from obliteration. Kapow! Kapow!

phundug, Jun 04 2003

Traditional Opera Link http://www.opera.com
Stops pop-ups, uses mouse gestures, turns lead into gold etc. [-alx, Oct 04 2004]

Opera Is Spyware http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=9056
[my face your, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Opera Isn't Spyware http://www.opera.co...earch.dml?index=453
[my face your, Oct 04 2004]

Opera Isn't Spyware http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=9154
spyware McCarthyist says "whoops!" [my face your, Oct 04 2004]

Joel On Software: Internet Explorer 7.0 http://joelonsoftwa.../news/20030601.html
"Now with a good code base to build upon, Firebird is likely to soar past IE in functionality and performance. With some real competition, perhaps Microsoft will again have an incentive to make improvements of their own." [(), Oct 04 2004]


       interesting. but i wouldnt call it a macro, its a clicky-gesture! would this work on any part of any window?
ironfroggy, Jun 04 2003

       Jeez, just use Mozilla and turn off pop-up windows. Or Opera, per -alx (although that is said to contain unannounced spy ware).
DrCurry, Jun 04 2003

       I've not heard that about spy ware...can you remember where you heard/read it?
-alx, Jun 04 2003

       Opera + spyware = rubbish. Ads are specific to a free-version-of-Opera-user if they've chosen from an extensive list what types of ads to receive. Not spyware.
thumbwax, Jun 04 2003

       In addition to the aforementioned browsers that block pop-ups (Firebird being my preference), one can always get a 5-button mouse and assign one of the buttons to "Close Window". My mouse wheel button does just that, and it's indispensible.
Qinopio, Jun 04 2003

       If I remember correctly, Mozilla is the programmers name for IE. How do you get it to stop the popups?
-lines-, Jun 05 2003

       "Mozilla is the programmers name for IE"   

       That sounds like fightin' talk to me.
-alx, Jun 05 2003

       My middle mouse button is set to "minimize window" -- you're right: a second middle mouse button would do nicely as a solution.
phundug, Jun 05 2003


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