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3 button mouse in the style of PARC in the 70's
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Some of the machines that PARC did in the late seventies had a three button mouse. Each button had a different colour: red, yellow and blue.

Today Squeak smalltalk uses the concepts "red click", "yellow click", "blue click" for historical reasons.

Instead of putting coloured little, plastic stickers on each button I'd like to have a proper mouse with coloured buttons.

Part fashion statement, part in joke and handy if you're using Squeak Smalltalk.

dafyddrees, May 09 2005

Squeak http://www.squeak.org/
Squeak Smalltalk [dafyddrees, May 09 2005]


       This should be brought back in and adopted. I’m fed up with insensitive references to “just right-click on this…”, which simply won’t work. My mice are set up to have their primary button on the right-hand side, so I’m usually right-clicking by default. I will usually correct such incorrect people by pointing out that they mean ‘primary’ or ‘secondary’ click (or button) but that thus far hasn’t been successful enough that everyone does it consistently. This would possibly be better. As long as I can re-assign which ones I would naturally expect red, yellow and blue to be on, of course.
Ian Tindale, May 13 2016

       I also am a right-click left-clicker. I would suggest "thumb click" and "pinky click".
FlyingToaster, May 13 2016


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