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Fake ATM Card

Combine this with the secret ATM card
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This would be a trojan of the ATM card world. It looks like a real ATM card and can be endorsed by a bank or credit company if only for advertising purposes.

When someone uses it for whatever reason, it alerts the business owner who receives it and can further work with a security system to tell it to record the timecode for the video cameras at the precise moment said theif uses your fake card. Like any other ATM card it can also make the reader dial into a bank to alert them of the theif or the local police so they can get the tape from the store and use it as evidence to nab the right suspect.

sartep, Oct 08 2004


       There are many stores here that will accept a signature instead of a PIN.
sartep, Oct 08 2004

       Did you possibly have your ATM card stolen recently [sartep]? Your ideas seem a little one track at the moment.
harderthanjesus, Oct 08 2004

       No, I just recently used it at several places where all I needed was a signature.
sartep, Oct 08 2004

       12 years later I had the same Idea. I must get out more.
popbottle, Dec 18 2016


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