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atm antiscam paint spray

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When you declare a atm card as stolen, it goes into database.

If an atm detects a stolen card in use, it sprays yellow paint on the suspect and calls for the cops automagically.

mofosyne, Jan 12 2011


       I like anything that happens automagically
saprolite, Jan 13 2011

       [unfortunate momentary voltage spike] [Akimbomidget] slides his card in reader on ATM [false] [stolen card detected] Spraying sounds ensue
normzone, Jan 13 2011

       This could be combined with the P*nic P*N idea.
Wrongfellow, Jan 13 2011

       You type in your Panic Pin, you get sprayed with yellow paint, the police have less difficulty determining a motive when they find your body?
kaz, Jan 14 2011

       Would this also happen when my bank "detects unusual activity" on my account? Because that happens pretty much hourly with me.   

       A similar scheme could exist at supermarkets where cashiers are provided with dye-filled water bombs.
idris83, Jan 14 2011

       What's antisarcasm? Is it some sort of desnarking compound?
mouseposture, Jan 15 2011


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