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Firetruck Jousting

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Equipment: 2 teams of competitors 2 tanker-type fire engines (the ones w/like 4000gal water and a huge high-pressure spray nozzle) 2 team sets of body padding (to protect against high-pressure spray)

How it works: 1) competitors drive past each other, using the high-pressure nozzle to spray the other fire engine 2) Competitors are knocked to the ground by the high-pressure spray 3)Last team with anyone on their fire engine wins!

sninctown, Nov 12 2005

A joust in need of a firetruck. http://www.scallywa.../images/joust_1.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 13 2005]


       hidden could at least provide a link.   

       I'd love to see an image of a wet slippery fireman jousting with another wet slithery fireperson...
po, Nov 12 2005

       The lists would have to be crash pads.   

       Awesome idea.
Darkelfan, Nov 13 2005


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