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Surf Jousting

On the second pass, I unseated the knave and dumped him unceremoneously into the drink
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Modern windsurfing combines speed, agility and grace. But after a while, one can get tired of battling the elements alone.

Introducing Surf Jousting. Combatants use the latest in windsurfing equipment, but wear a specialized harness with a "bullseye" hoop that protrudes from the back.

Then, racing towards each other on a quarter mile course, they must catch the hoop with their light titanium lance and let their momentum throw the opponent off his surfboard while staying on their own.

theircompetitor, Apr 12 2004

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[theircompetitor, Jun 26 2011]

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[theircompetitor, Feb 25 2015]


       Hmmm. +
sartep, Apr 12 2004

       Until I read this was windsurfing, I was stumped by the implication everyone would be travelling in the same direction. Unless you kind of poked the guy next to you until he fell off.
dooper, Apr 12 2004

       I'm liking this one...
zigness, Apr 13 2004

       [dooper] "serf" was an essential part of the name, windserf just wasn't cutting it
theircompetitor, Apr 13 2004

Sounds like fun. Sign me up.

       Actually, you don’t need a lance. Just tip your mast forward and spear the guy with it. (Well, that’s going to be harder than it sounds, but still easier than carrying a lance.)
ldischler, Apr 13 2004

       You're going to kill someone. (+)
Madcat, Apr 13 2004

       It's only funny until somebody loses an eye!
zigness, Apr 13 2004

       And then its hilarious!   

       <waiting expectantly for 'smurf jousting'>
RayfordSteele, Apr 13 2004

       With the its 200th anniversary coming up in 2005, I propose a pitched battle at sea consisting of hundreds of windsnerf jousters actually at Trafalgar - Britain vs France. Both sides would be colour coded, if you're jousted into the water or fall off, your out of the battle...adjudicators from a launch boat using binoculars determine the last windsnerfer left standing - whose side wins. Claims of shabby authenticity from naval historians will be fought off using forged archeological evidence.
dooper, Apr 13 2004

       Bun. And I like the "mast-spearing" idea. It *could* be done with standard wave surfing, as they might all be going, say, south, but could then make a lot of changes east and west.
Xenophile, Jun 07 2006

       Smart. Purely for the invention of new a dialect somewhere between Mediaeval and whooooooooaaa-doooooode   

       Have thyself a bun !
monojohnny, Jun 07 2006

       An electronically tipped rubber/foam lance might be the go for full body and head action. Hard enough for a bruising encounter, soft enough to not cause any lasting damage.The tip being big enough to not get past the helmet to an eye. Points could be shown by the a beacon on harness.
wjt, Feb 28 2015

       No ... rigid lance, carbon-fibre buoyant plate armour.   

       // Claims of shabby authenticity from naval historians will be fought off using forged archeological evidence. //   

       There's your O.B.E., right there.
8th of 7, Mar 01 2015


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