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Fuzzy Felt Business Cards

Particularly useful for Farmers, Spacemen, and Pixies.
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Keep a number of business cards covered in green felt in one pocket. In the other pocket, keep a selection of coloured felt letters and numbers, and a number of felt figurines.

Mix and match the words and pictures so that you business card can portay whatever message the moment requires.

Fishrat, Oct 29 2004

Fuzzy Felt http://www.fuzzyfelt.com
rocks the interplanetary universe in four dimensions. Please ignore extraneou's apostrophe. [calum, Oct 29 2004]


       you got nimble fingers, fishrat?
po, Oct 29 2004

       And they stay on how?
harderthanjesus, Oct 29 2004

       Because they're fuzzy felt.
skinflaps, Oct 29 2004

       this is quite the fashion trend in t shirts at the moment. felt letters on cards - bun!
benfrost, Oct 29 2004

       Great - in the country I'm a farmer - in the city I'm a john.
FarmerJohn, Oct 29 2004

       Also allows the carrier to gently press the warm, smooth felt against his or her cheek, to calm them in times of stress.
calum, Oct 29 2004

       sorry to bother you, but i got your number off this lovely business card of yours, and you see, well i guess, it's just that we have gotten rather attached and i seem to have worn this one out. I was wondering if i could get another one?
benfrost, Oct 30 2004

       //Particularly useful for Farmers, Spacemen (And Cadets!), and Pixies// (...Pixies?) Brilliant. <sticks tiny felt bun on card>
spacecadet, Oct 30 2004

       I've never felt so good. (+)   

       Excellent for when you get a promotion, demotion, or are canned altogether. You can change your card from;   

       Mr. Fish Rat, CEO
Rats Rule, Inc.


blissmiss, Nov 01 2004

       to 's ass
po, Nov 01 2004

       C eers, F shra , See y u tonigh ! Call me at 4 6-7 3-5142
k_sra, Nov 01 2004

       I'll keep one, in case it becomes particularly useful. +
sartep, Nov 01 2004

       keep one what, sartep?   

       btw, you owe me 1.
po, Nov 01 2004

       Damn, I better get two of those card things then.
sartep, Nov 02 2004

       Bun, on the proviso that letters come in multi-colour packs and a variety of 'crazy' styles. +
Nontaigne, Nov 02 2004


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