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Junk Mail that Works Like Online Advertising

Putting the Targeting in Retargeting
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Google, Facebook, Amazon -- their tracking and retargeting has gotten to work so well conspiracy theories that they are monitoring your phone for clues about your purchasing desires are now quite common.

How great would it be if junk mail worked in a similar way. Imagine surfing across a porn website of your choice, only to receive similarly themed propositions in the mail?

Searching for a vacuum cleaner? Have a Rainbow salesman show up at your door the next day.

It's knowing what you want it, and delivering it right to your door, before you even know it!

theircompetitor, Jan 22 2018


       I shudder to think about what mail offers would show up at 8th of 7's place...
RayfordSteele, Jan 22 2018

       I think you should say how it actually works.   

       The nearest thing I could think of is Ebay tape.   

       I have seen packages with colorful tape that says "ebay" on it. Wherever that tape comes from it could be printed with custom material, based on the ebay site's knowledge of your web preferences.
beanangel, Jan 23 2018

       // what mail offers would show up at 8th of 7's place //   

       We love the sound of tank tracks in the morning ... <giggling>
8th of 7, Jan 23 2018

       I don't think the model is valid when you link online surfing to paper junk mail. Now if it would opt you out of the junk mail you took straight from the mailbox to the recycling bin you'd have something.   

       In the previous century I used to order porn for a friend - no, seriously - who could not have it delivered to his home. The aftereffects on my junk mail were amusing, since his tastes were so vanilla. But I think online porn advertising has pretty much killed paper deliverables.
normzone, Jan 23 2018


       Er, [norm], in amongst the vanilla stuff, did you ever find a copy of "Black Lesbian Butter-Loving Donkeys In Leather" ? Ordered it, paid for it, never turned up ... wasn't cheap, either ...   

8th of 7, Jan 23 2018


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