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Gel-filled headrests

at the hairdressers
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Having your hair cut is a necessary evil but could be made a little less evil if the neck resting bits on the hair washing basins were not quite such a form of neo-mediaeval torture. These scooped out bits of the basin are often covered with a foam pad, a cursory nod to comfort if I ever did see one. Much more conducive to customer satisfaction would be a thicker, softer version much like the bicycle seats you can get filled with gel.

Oh, and add in the use of chairs which can raise/lower, tilt forwards/backwards, and which aren't slippy on the seat so you end up being hooked by your neck to the basin to avoid falling off onto the floor in a particularly ungainly kerfuffle...
sappho, Feb 28 2002

even the hairdresser's can be lethal http://www.kobrakom...strokesyndrome.html
this idea may reduce the possibility of a stroke [po, Mar 02 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

The Spa http://www.thepalacespa.com/
Bald guys need love, too. [reensure, Mar 02 2002]


       that would be nice!
sappho, Feb 28 2002

       Or send pressure waves through the gel to gently massage your neck... (caveat: I never get my hair washed at the barber's so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about).
hippo, Feb 28 2002

       you should try it - head massages make the whole experience more bearable.
sappho, Feb 28 2002

       Thanks for the link, ¯po, I recall hearing about the facts of this injury some time ago. Further information for those interested is available with a search for vertebrobasilar insufficiency. Causes include poor circulation due to aging, trauma, spinal manipulation and hyperextension of the neck through excessive force.
reensure, Mar 02 2002

       Croissant. That is the worst part of going to the hairdressers'. Eeeeekkk now just found out how worse it could get.
bluerowan, Mar 03 2002

       crikey - I didn't know about that. Thanks po. (I only posted the idea because my neck hurt.)
sappho, Mar 04 2002

       fantastic idea. I am a fairly broad chap who is just over 6 feet tall, but i have stubby little legs. Therefore, my extra long back doesn't let me fit into the torture chairs they use for tipping you back. and my 17.5 inch neck doesnt fit into the damn neck slot. so i currently have 3 choices:
1) grow my hair really long, ala howard hughes.
2) visit my chiropractor shortly after each haircut.
3) wash my hair myself before going to get it cut & then spend the whole session trying to explain that i didnt do it to deprive the trainee a quid.

       a rack of croissants if you can get this launched !
mymus, Mar 22 2002

       Wow, the hairdressers I go to never put any cushiony thing on the basin. Yes, the gel head/neck rest is a good idea.
TaraMW30, Jan 11 2006


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