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Hood mounted entry Punch

For when you want something inside.
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These fancy people and their fancy cars: security and mesh armored windows and locks and all of that. Cars that call their owners, begging piteously for help. But at the end of the day all of that is no match for kinetic energy. The Entry Punch is a cylindrical bladed tool 2 feet in diameter, which can be affixed on short notice to a frame mounted device on the front of your car.

When you see a car and want to know what is inside, hook up your punch, back up, accelerate to Ram Speed and make a nice window in the trunk. If there are goodies, grab them! You could access the car interior pretty easily thru the PunchHole in the trunk, but it might entail crawling and you could scratch your suit. Easier to back up and make a fresh PunchHole in the driver door!

For those who feel that a rudely ripped hole is too declasse, also available is a set of sponge rubber lips to affix at the base of the entry punch. Painted in advance, these will print a snappy pair of lips around the new PunchHole(s), to make it look as though the car is singing opera. When you are sated with theft, put away the Punch and drive around with lips alone, bestowing kisses on the various obstacles you encounter.

bungston, Jun 14 2012

Anti-theft Mesh Screens Anti-theft_20Mesh_20Screens
Screens? Bah! Or more correctly, Bwah!, as in Bwah-hah-hah! [bungston, Jun 14 2012]


       [+], but what about a giant boxing glove attachment for use on pedestrians? The comedy factor alone would be spectacular.
ytk, Jun 14 2012

       I do like the idea of a boxing glove as a hood ornament.
bungston, Jun 14 2012

       [ytk], you should post that. You will be deluged in baked goods.   

       [bungs], sorry, no bun due to insufficient dangerous, illegal and highly inadvisable use of explosives and/or pyrotechnics.
8th of 7, Jun 14 2012


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