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Embedded Driver's ID

Safety and less hassle
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I don't know how many times I leave my house without my driver's license and realize it either halfway down the drive (so that I have to go back into the house) or a mile down the road where I then have to drive with extreme caution as to not get stopped by the police.

A lot of the time, I leave my house and have no need for my purse or wallet; I’m either heading over to a friend’s place, off to church, on my way to a music rehearsal, a class, or just goin’ for a drive. I’d rather just pick up my keys and be outta there. At one point, I had considered creating a specified car ID as a keychain, but soon realized the safety precautions of the issue... after thinking more, I found a very safe solution.

Solution: Issue every licensed driver—with a car—a second license. This license will serve specifically as a driver’s license for your car. It will be slightly larger than your typical ID so that all the information on the back (like whether you where glasses, and the license specification) will fit on the front. It will then be embedded into your steering wheel by a process only done by the DMV or manufacturer (I’m not quite sure which would work best).

This license will also have emergency contact information printed on it so that if your car is found with someone else at the wheel, you can verify whether they have permission to be behind it.

This not only solves the problem of leaving your license at home, but it provides extra security against car theft. The process of embedding this license is done in such a way that it can’t be tampered with without the horn of the car going off.

SuiGenerisKitten, Nov 20 2005


       What if you sold your car?
PollyNo9, Nov 20 2005

       Take it to the DMV and they'll remove the ID and put it in your new car... they'll do the same for whoever takes your car.
SuiGenerisKitten, Nov 20 2005

       How do you establish licenses for corporate owned fleet vehicles where various drivers are using the same vehicles? And what about spouses and children and relatives and friends who borrow the car?   

       Its bad enough that drivers licenses get stolen and get used by similar looking people for destructive purposes. Criminals will find a way to bypass the security features or to fradulantly install a license in a vehicle.
Jscotty, Nov 20 2005

       my driver's licence is in a drawer downstairs somewhere and I only ever dig it out when I need to buy a new tax disc. what are you talking about? :)   

       oh, its an american thing again, isn't it!
po, Nov 20 2005

       Very much Amerian [po]   

       To answer a few questions, [J]... friends, kids, spouse, etc only need worry if they get pulled over. If they have the same last name then obvoiusly they are pretty much free of suspision. And friends, like I said, you'd have an emergency contact # or 2 to call and confirm... this would rarely become a problem unles they were driving recklessly in your car (which is doubtful).   

       About corp fleet vehicles. This feature is primarily for civilian vehicles... but plenty of easy solutions for this. They have their company's ID and just carry their own... plus, why wouldn't they have it to begin with?   

       Again, this wasn't meant to serve as your ONLY license. There are always criminals... this will ATLEAST prevent amature car theft. (ie, if you've got an inexpensive car; not worries)
SuiGenerisKitten, Nov 20 2005

       I think a replica of my face in plastic as, say, a mass airflow cover would be the thing. Cop, you say, "pop the hood and let's have a look." *pop* Cop say, "Hmm. What a fine representation! From the look of it, you have this vehicle regularly serviced."   

       That's for me!
reensure, Nov 21 2005


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