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Ice-cube ball vending machine

Clear water ice cube covered with tiny colored plastic "cup"
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Sold like the round candies, except that the air in the vending machine is frozen. Will go in the summer like hot cakes in the winter.

No sugar, no additives, totally safe and great!

There's a small basket next to the machine for disposing the "cup" if you don't want it. - Goes to recycling. A dime for 3.

pashute, Jun 20 2013


       It might cost more than a dime to keep these frozen. Besides taking away a person's job, ice cube balls do exist, so why not an Ice Cube Ball Vendor? Like a person with an Ice Cream cart...
xandram, Jun 20 2013

       Because the idea is under Category:Business. So if you make this business you'll become a millionaire.   

       You make jobs for the manufacturers, you make jobs for the maintainers. You get millions of happy people in the hot areas of the world, who ask themselves, now why didn't I think of it, and you make a mint. (And send me something for thinking of it)   

       It wont cost more than a dime, because a double even clear plastic wall is quite good at insulation, and its a tiny space.   

       At train stations etc it would need to be made the size of a regular vending machine (with a small window showing the ice) .   

       Ice making companies would add this to their line.
pashute, Jun 21 2013

       Should come with a small model of Titanic.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 21 2013


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