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Laser guided lawnmower deck

No more scalping for the perfect cut (let your wife cut the grass with ease)
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Basically, infrared lasers would be mounted to each corner of the deck, and a few in the middle (outlining the whole cutting deck). There would be a small computer system built into the mower away from dangers such as, sunlight, rain and other elements. The lasers would input the readings from the turf texture and obstructions like stumps, and hill crests. The computer would the send information to the hydrostatic lifts, (powerd by pumps turned by the motor) also mounted to the deck, the lifts would make the deck contuer to the lawn, hence making the perfect cut. (for riding mowers only)
dudewithmower, Apr 24 2005


       I'm guessing the 'deck' is the whizzy spinning round bit that actually cuts the grass?   

       Comes with free towable roller so you can flatten the lawn after you've given it a perfect cut.
moomintroll, Apr 24 2005

       yes, the deck is the "case" in which the mower blades are mounted
dudewithmower, Apr 24 2005

       Haven't we done this one a few times before?
DrCurry, Apr 24 2005


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