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Lawn Baler

(my wife's idea, with my full approval)
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When mowing the lawn, either the clippings are collected by the mower and piled up untidily on the compost heap, or they are left on the grass to rot.

For when the grass is really long, there's an alternative. Mow as you would normally, leaving the clippings on the lawn to dry. After a couple of days, bring out the LawnBaler(tm) and take it round. It will pick up anything that is loose and compact it into neat, minature rectangular bales.

What you do with those bales is up to you; we take no responsibility for the inadvertent baling of gnomes, valuables, or the neighbour's cat.

david_scothern, Jun 23 2007

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       Incorporate a method of automatically wrapping the miniature bales in festive paper, load the pretty packages onto the back seat of your car, then park in a questionable area of town with the doors unlocked and windows open. Go have a coffee and when you return Viola! no bales, no problem! Except that maybe your stereo is gone, too. (I never said it was a perfect solution)
Canuck, Jun 23 2007

       Can it do those swiss roll things that modern balers do?
wagster, Jun 23 2007

       Hey, why not.   

       [edit] I (we) have been beaten to it by none other than [bz] herself. I'm proposing something mildly different, in that the clippings are allowed to dry before collection, so you're more likely to end up with hay than with silage.
david_scothern, Jun 24 2007

       All you need now are some miniature cows and horses to eat feed the minature rectangular bales to.
nuclear hobo, Jun 24 2007

       --I always hoped someone would write an article for Model Engineer on how to make a working scale model hay baler. Now it's even got an application!
Steamboat, Jun 24 2007

       I'm looking for a way to bale the yard without cutting it.
ldischler, Jun 24 2007

       Why, is it flooded?
wagster, Jun 24 2007

       There's a company that makes itty-tiny round balers for use with two-wheel tractors (AKA walking tractors). I'll find a link and put it up. The bales weigh on the order of 50lbs or so, I think.
elhigh, Jun 27 2007

       Stack the bales in the yard. Allow the children to use them as a fort during the summer and in the winter burn them in the fireplace.
Noexit, Jun 27 2007


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