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Merry In Nets Keyboard

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Strings attached to the keys controlled by your hand held levers press the keys by pulling upwards.
rcarty, Dec 08 2014

Wikipedia: Marionette http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marionette
[rcarty, Dec 08 2014]


       /\II| |I \|I||/ /II|
This is pretty cool.

       If on a normal keyboard one finger can select among several different keys (think "right forefinger"), then here you need several strings from that finger to those keys, posing a selection problem. The answer may be a variant of a "chorded" type of keyboard, where there are only 10 keys, and they are activated in combination to select characters.
Vernon, Dec 09 2014

       It's just about the idea. Moving towards idea mechanics instead of reifications of types of mass is probably better.
rcarty, Dec 09 2014

       Congrats on your first invention in awhile.   

       These strings, they pull the keys downward from below I hope?
RayfordSteele, Dec 09 2014


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