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Mood Keyboard

Something to help you think
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You turn on your computer and boot it up. You are going to the halfbakery.

You want to test your new keyboard. Your thermochromatic keyboard.

You place your fingers on the keys.

Slowly, the keys begin to warm up from your finger's warmth.

As you hold your fingers, the keyboard changes color where you are touching it.

Starting at black, progressing through the colors, from the cool blues to the greens, to the reds, and at last to the yellows.

You remove your hands and wait.

The keyboard cools.

The colors now start progressing backwards.

When the keyboard is lack again, you start to type your new idea.

DesertFox, Jan 31 2005


       Such a good idea, and easily achieved too.
Detly, Jan 31 2005

       Boss enters room:   

       "Why why the hell is your keyboard black? No work to do!" THWACK !! You sue him, he gets off on a technicality, no good. Bone!
etherman, Jan 31 2005

       I feel like tumbleweeding this. I simply just don't get it.
phundug, Jan 31 2005

       Frequency analysis?
tiromancer, Jan 31 2005

       Think mood rings.   

       And it could help you relax because you could make swirls and stuff while thinking.   

       You could make entire computers out of this.
DesertFox, Jan 31 2005

       I think the point is just that Thermochromatics are cool, and why not use them on something you ruotinely touch.
5th Earth, Feb 01 2005

       Liquid crystal is what I thought this would involve, just like in mood rings as [DF] said.
Detly, Feb 01 2005


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