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Natural Keyboard for notebook computer

Ergonomic shape let you type more in a natural, comfortable position on a notebook.
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I have been using a natural keyboard for a long time. I just got a notebook and it really hurts to type on it. I hope there is a built-in natural keyboard for notebook. Would be nice if it could be designed like the IBM "butterfly" keyboard.
joelyen, Mar 05 2001

Student design project for this. http://www-mae.ucsd...things_work/me3wbh/
Click the hard-to-see links on top of the page to navigate. They've done some searching as part of their project and haven't found anything. And I wouldn't expect there to be something like this, seeing how rare even the fold-out full size keyboard is. [jutta, Mar 05 2001]

Student designed ergonomic keyboard for laptop http://bit.ly/PnJy3o
A few interesting results. Jutta's link is broken :-( [pashute, Aug 02 2012]


       I just saw one of these in some movie. The laptop was opened and then the keyboard split down the center and snapped into the "angled" position. (I do not think it adjusted the the vertical slant of the keyboard though.)
blahginger, Mar 05 2001

       A fellow keyboard connoisseur!   

       A workaround solution is to use an ergonomic keyboard in conjunction with your laptop. I carry my iBook and a Microsoft Natural Keyboard with me whenever I travel. I have an extra Natural Keyboard at home in case the travelling one gets damaged. Needless to say, the optical mouse comes with me also. Unfortunately this means I also need a USB hub, the adapter to power it, and sometimes a transformer. All this gear takes up most of my luggage space, but luckily one can easily buy underwear anywhere in the world.
Dr Furtz, Jun 11 2001

       The fold-out full size keyboard was, because it was complicated and had moving parts, prone to breaking down. One of the customers we supported when I started at the helpdesk used the laptop with those, and they all pretty much hated them.   

       I personally find the 'natural' keyboards to be miserably uncomfortable to type on for any length of time; when I go to my mother's place to do tech support I always bring my own keyboard.   

       StarChaser the Tech Support Tyger
StarChaser, Jun 11 2001

       The only formal typing class I ever took, I ended up challenging the teacher to a contest and beating her profusely. Because my hands are so large it's very difficult for me to 'touch type'. To get my fingers on the home keys, I have to press my fingers together, and she kept insisting, in the face of evidence to the contrary, that I touch type. I use a modified hunt-and-peck I call 'search and destroy'. I'm right handed, but my typin' fingers are 123 on the left hand and 1 on the right, plus the 4th for backspace.   

       I type something like 60 words per minute if I'm being careful to correct; 100 or more if not. The teacher managed something like 25...My skills were learned over time, something like 16 or 17 years.   

       As to why scrollbars...if the text is too big for the screen, you have to have some way to move the text.
StarChaser, Jun 12 2001


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