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Multi-Vitamin, BC or Medicine Make-up

it not only cures ugliness but also makes you feel better!
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So I was thinking, -wouldn't it be cool- [changes to] (what) if we had a make-up product line that whenever it is used, it released to your body vitamins, or bith control or even better -- medicine?

Example: So if you feel blue, you would put a blue colored eye shadow and it would release anti-depressants.

Or if you felt like you are coming down with something, use the special lipstick that relased a cold medicine..

You get the idea...

kangarux, Aug 01 2005


       Uh oh, an idea that has "wouldn't it be cool if", in the first line, sometimes ends up on the cutting room floor.
blissmiss, Aug 01 2005

       yeah, bliss, seems so, except there are plenty of drugs which can absorb through the skin. Esterogen is the first that comes to my mind; but if it is applied to the same spot repeatedly, [Kangarux,] it can cause problems at that spot. (don't know if it is cancer or some other skin ailment)   

       vitamins E, C, and D can all be absorbed through skin   

       rudiments of a workable idea. +
dentworth, Aug 01 2005

       [dentwoth] Maybe, there will be some other medicine make-up that can cure that problem casued by the repeaded appliance of Esterogen. So you would use that make up maybe every other day?
kangarux, Aug 01 2005

       Yeah, I would think dosing would be a major drawback, as different skin types would absorb differently. There is also the make-up variance from woman to woman. (As evidenced by Tammy Faye Baker. Damn, she would have O.D'ed on anything she took).
blissmiss, Aug 01 2005

       The Joker (Jack Nicholson) did this in “Batman Returns”, only it was some sort of happy vitamin the wearers were absorbing.
Shz, Aug 02 2005

       I don't think the FDA would be thrilled at facing down the afflicted who may benefit from this Idea ... needy folk are the most vocal lot imaginable. Regardless, for reasons of product safety, labeling laws, and adherence to the schema of product claim law, I think you'd get just a flat denial of your application after you'd spent the cash to make the stuff.   

       Does it come in black?
reensure, Aug 02 2005


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