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Onsite pelletizer for bulk kitty litter

Reuse: better than recycle!
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Kitty litter. You buy it and then you throw it away. Clay is the cheapest I have found and runs about $3 / 20 lb bag. But there are many more expensive kinds: pelletized wood for about triple the price, pelletized paper for the same, polyacrylamide for about 10x.

Large grocery stores produce lots of paper and cardboard waste. Also some wood waste in the form of pallets. I propose that large stores could pelletize their own waste on site and resell it directly as kitty litter. Purchasers could bring and fill their own bags. It would be super cheap. It would be environmentally correct as the stuff would not need to be trucked about.

bungston, Apr 29 2013


       I think the wet shreds would adhere to the cat and get dragged out. But worth a try. I will check.
bungston, May 04 2013

       I suspect that shredded paper would not register in the cat's tiny brain as loose soil, and would be avoided in favor of your shag carpet.
Kansan101, May 04 2013

       What, and you don't?
blissmiss, May 04 2013

       The fundamental mistake here is keeping a cat in the first place. So many problems resolve themselves naturally once this error is corrected.   

       In much the same way, concerns over the shade cast by a garden-based zeppelin can be dismissed in a trice once one comes to appreciate that a zeppelin is not, in fact, an item which can wisely be kept in the typical garden.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 04 2013

       <tsk, tsk> but how else should hanging vines and plants be properly cultivated ?
FlyingToaster, May 04 2013

       He keeps his prized zeppelin where he houses all his other prizes, awards and trophies. Shirley, your trophy room is large enough to accommodate an odd zeppelin or two?
baconbrain, May 04 2013

       I must point out that once there are two, there is no longer an odd zeppelin.
bungston, May 06 2013


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