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Self cleaning cat litter box

It cleans itself
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I read in one of those cat litter sand bags that you could recycle the stuff by heating it at a very high temperature. So I thought "Hmmm, this could be useful". So, here's how the thing works. There are two different detectors. One counts the cat droppings and the other detects the level of amonia. Whenever each of these reach unacceptable levels, the cleaning system is activated. It first determines if there is any cat using the litter box. If not, then the flap door is locked and the floor collapses, letting the sand fall into a conduit that leads to a furnace. While the sand is being recycled, the floor and walls are sprayed with a solution to remove any odors. With the floor securely in place previously recycled sand is deposited in the litter box. After the recycling cicle is completed, the hot sand is transferred into a cooling area, until it replaces the current sand.
PauloSargaco, Feb 29 2004

Self-Cleaning Cat Boxes http://www.halfbake...aning_20Cat_20Boxes
See links from here. [Monkfish, Oct 04 2004]


       Hmmm, I feel you're not really commenting on the idea itself.
PauloSargaco, Feb 29 2004

       From what I've seen, self-cleaning cat boxes are baked in various forms - just not this radical. Seems to be going the long/inefficient route of cleaning a mere litter box.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 29 2004

       // From what I've seen, self-cleaning cat boxes are baked in various forms - just not this radical. // Which means my idea is not baked, right?   

       It might be inefficient if you have a furnace exclusively working for this purpose, but if you take advantage of an existing heating system or some other system that includes heating something at very high temperatures, then it wouldn't be inefficient.
PauloSargaco, Mar 01 2004

       Correct - this idea, as you state is not baked (to my knowledge).
Letsbuildafort, Mar 01 2004


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