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Permanent Wrinkle Cream

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Simple you apply this cream to have your wrinkles enhanced or have wrinkles where you had none before.

Thinking this will be a combination of uv amplification gel and rubber cement.

vfrackis, Nov 26 2012

Collodion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collodion
non-permanent [csea, Nov 28 2012]


       This is very baked by Hollywood and costume shops.
xandram, Nov 26 2012

       Is it? Those are synthetic temporary solutions that are reversible.   

       Being able to culture your own wrinkles or strategically develop actual wrinkles is something entirely new sans plastic surgery and extreme tanning.
vfrackis, Nov 26 2012

       You didn't mention that it was *permanent*.
xandram, Nov 26 2012

       //uv amplification gel//   

       Do explain.
ytk, Nov 26 2012

       Butter or Oil
vfrackis, Nov 27 2012

       Changing the title does't really change the idea. In fact, it could imply that the cream is permanent, not the wrinkle.
xandram, Nov 28 2012


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