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Program it.com

Programmers for hobbyists
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A website that offers programmers money to write code for hobbyists. The hobbyist would submit information on inputs and outputs, basic program structure, and hardware information. After a certified member of the site takes on the project the code is written and the submitter is contacted. The programmer would also be able to suggest what kind of PIC to use, or if the situation warrants, microcontroller board. For an additional fee the programmer would burn the chip for you and ship it to your door. Many people have capabilities to build complex projects requiring computer technology, but lack the knowledge and compliers to write the code required. This site would grant people the confidence to pursue greater projects. Perhaps the hobbyist attempted to write the code, this would also be a venue to get help debugging.

This help would come with a price, and no refunds for debugging. There would be a price for debugs. Of course there would need for an educated moderator to police the activity and if the code is complete bullshit a refund would be granted. Perhaps just another member would be given the task of writing the code from scratch a second time. There is a wealth of information online but sometimes its redundant for a programmer to answer questions online when they could just write the code for you. Enter program it.com (shortened from my first idea, "just program the damn thing.com")

evilpenguin, Dec 28 2012


       Even more useful for medical research scientists -- just find the damn cure.
theircompetitor, Dec 28 2012

       I know there are companies that do programming for hire, but how many of them do small scale projects for non commercial customers? This is intended for hobbyists. The projects are designed for to be used for non-profit ventures
evilpenguin, Dec 28 2012

       This sounds like it could be something else: A system like kickstarter, but where people can compete to provide services, for a stake in the profit. It would be more of a collaborative system, before it becomes anything else that kickstarter would feature.
twitch, Dec 28 2012

       There is such a thing, somewhere, where people pledge payments for open source coding projects. When the accumulated pledges have reached a level that someone is happy to accept, the project gets written. I'm unsure of the name, nor of how payment is managed.
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 29 2012


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