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"Private Time" Instant Dog Walking Service

Keeping your dog occupied, so you can get busy
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If you have a dog who can't "take a hint" about when you and your partner need alone time, then this service is for you!

This is an instant dog walking service where the walker can be summoned via an app, arrives immediately (probably via a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft), and takes your dog for a quick walk. You can use it any time you need a few dog-free minutes. I was thinking specifically about those times when you and your partner would like to have sex and the dog won't leave you alone, either jumping on the bed or clawing at the door and whining. (It's a big time mood killer!) Now whenever you're ready to go, a dog walker will show up and keep your pooch occupied while you get busy. And when you're done, you can message the walker to bring it back.

freestewart, Oct 27 2014


       Anaesthetic dart gun?
not_morrison_rm, Oct 27 2014

       //arrives immediately// they must be no further away than next door, then, otherwise they are not very immediate.   

       So basically your neighbours all know your bonking routine.   

       Why not just let the dog join in? Aren't they part of the family?   

       Or you could make use of [nmrm]'s dart gun on the dog, the children and the partner, that way you will not be disturbed at all.
pocmloc, Oct 27 2014

not_morrison_rm, Oct 27 2014

       When the in-laws were needing time away from the kids, they would tell them that they were 'doing their taxes.'
RayfordSteele, Oct 27 2014

       // Anaesthetic dart gun? //   

       Sedatives in the food (for pets).   

       Sedatives in the booze (for kids).
8th of 7, Oct 27 2014

       [freestewart], I was about to say 'welcome to the HB', but I see you've been here a while. But as this is your first post: welcome to the HB.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 27 2014

       Yes, welcome indeed. Now go lie down!
Alterother, Oct 29 2014


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