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Hafnium is stable yet turns radioactive with radiation from a medical radiology machine give Hafnium bearing psychiatric drugs then zap to remove receptors its the ultimate SSRI
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There are things called nuclear isomers that become vastly more radioactive than usual when irradiated with gamma rays New Scientist has a write up on hafnium

If you combine Hafnium with Prozac molecule you create an opportunity to ablate the particular neuron that regulates the reabsorption of serotonin More wonderful yet is that with a .5 cm group of converging beams you can choose just which part of the brain you would like to change the receptor functionality at

Thus we create permanent Prozac as well as have the capacity to do microepilepsy surgery if ablating eentsy areas of nervous tissue

If humans were octopi or salmon being able to ablate eentsy areas of brain tissue would give 3 to 7+ times longer lifespan Various mammals live about a third longer when dosed with Deprenyl which is known to act on an eentsy area of brain tissue RadioDeprenyl would then be a drug that cheers people up plus makes them live longer with a Zap

To P-Zombie or P-Zoombie that is the question Scientists have published fMRI work that locates the sense of being the narrative Isness of being human I think it was about a CM size With a .5CM convergent radiology beam plus a dozen neurochemical or neurotansmitters to regulate there are quadrillions of variations on permanent changes to being From the acts perfectly human but is absent the capacity to have sensation qualia or isness to P-zoombies where regulation circuits are zapped

If Hitler had these available rather than camps he could have just marched everyone though a tunnel after giving them some Kool-Aid to create a population with an adjusted attitude; a gamma ray bomb like a neutron bomb could actually be a change peoples minds bomb

beanangel, Dec 07 2008


       No, i want to have my own radio programme, though not as a psychiatrist obviously.   

       Seriously though, people are not going to take kindly to radioactive drugs long-term, and depression is an _accurate_ view of the world, not psychotic in most cases. People are often depressed because the world is crap. You fix it by fixing the world, which can´t be done, so you find a way of coping with it. If this made you less depressed, it would be a form of brain damage for that very reason.
nineteenthly, Dec 07 2008

       oh, hell no. Leave other peoples genitalia and CNS alone please. you worry me.
WcW, Dec 07 2008

       I want a P-Zoombie to clean my house!
WcW, Dec 07 2008

       //Hafnium is stable//

       //...would give 3 to 7+ times longer lifespan Various mammals live about a third longer when dosed with Deprenyl...// Ah, how do you go from "a third longer" to "3 to 7+ times longer" ?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 10 2008

       [Ian], i seem to be ironically impaired and i can´t tell if you´re being sarcastic or not, but my silver lining is that we´ve only been here for a tiny fraction of this planet´s existence and are tiny compared even to this minuscule mote of dust in the vastness of space, in which there is ample time and room for a whole load of fantastic stuff to be going on, probably involving fields of singing potatoes, sentient lichens on acid trips or something.
nineteenthly, Dec 10 2008

       Absolute drivel but somehow totally halfbaked... so rediculous that it made me laugh out loud +
xenzag, Dec 11 2008

       //depression is an _accurate_ view of the world//   

       Depression often *accompanies* an accurate view of the world, but I don't accept that depression per se has a truth value.
pertinax, Dec 11 2008

       John was a scientist, he was hooked on LSD
Fascinated by mind control and how the monkey held the key...
david_scothern, Dec 12 2008


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