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Ritalin Pez Dispenser

A pocket toy that pops a Ritalin pill into your mouth, whenever the moment strikes.
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What I have in mind is a simple adaptation of the classic candy toy, the Pez Dispenser. However, in my version, it pops out a Ritalin pill instead of a candy. Obviously, this device works best under the close supervision of a physician and fully within the boundaries of the law.

All sorts of themes for this dispenser come to mind: for example, one that looks like a pen or pencil (good for people who want to keep their adhd to themselves).

What sorts of themes can you think of?

gribbler, Nov 29 2013

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       //who want to keep their adhd to themselves   

       But, that would be selfish.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 29 2013


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