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Satellite Radar Detector

Intelligence/surveillance for drivers, $4.95 per month.
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Reports are that spy satellites are monitoring RF transmissions of any type, anywhere, all the time, right down to the baby monitoring radios attached to a crib. The Echelon Program scare brought some of these capabilities to light a couple of years ago. The Russians are in the market to commercialize their assets, so maybe some of their satellites can be linked to the GPS system. The display screen will show your location, directon of travel and a highlighted red 'fan' of the radar coverage miles ahead of you. Monthly subscription service. Memory capabilites to show where all the favorite fishing holes are of the local highway patrols. Just once I would like to be able to use the Interstate the way it was designed, for sustained high speed driving.
ty6, Oct 04 2002

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       // The Echelon Program scare brought some of these capabilities to light a couple of years ago. //   

       What Echelon program scare is that? I'm not convinced. I think (enriched uranium) this (airports) whole (Abu Sayyaf) Echelon thing (Al-Jumhuriya) is just (Hamas) a load (sarin) of (Kashmir) propaganda designed (Shaheen missile) to (truck bomb) make us (Abu Musab Zarqawi) paranoid.
waugsqueke, Oct 04 2002

       Uh oh, Men in Black gonna be after you, after stringing those words together.
ty6, Oct 05 2002


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