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Speeding Permits

Permits to allow speeding, w/ flashing lights
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Every time I get caught for speeding, the officer normally makes comments like "have you taken an advanced driving test", "do you know how to control the car in a skid" and "blah blah you don't deserve to speed because you're not as well trained as me, the clever police officer".

So, for people who are trained in skid control, overtaking, and driving faster than the limit, why not give out permits?

Permit holders are allowed to fit their cars with undercover cop style flashing red/blue lights on the dashboard to warn other road users they're about to open a can of whoop-ass.

drdre, Mar 25 2001


       Your ability to control your car at high speeds doesn't help the person who makes a mistake in front of you or save you from them. If the other driver causes the accident your speed only makes it worse. If you're legally going very fast no amount of flashing lights are going to save your life if someone doesn't look before they pull out in front of you.
sirrobin, Mar 25 2001

       sirro - you're right. they need more than flashing lights to warn them of your presence. maybe sirens and a loud hailer too. then as repayment to society for their privelidge they could perform good deeds on route - they could go some way towards bridging the gulf between policemen and regular citizens.
lubbit, Mar 25 2001

       Has it been discussed that speeding just to pass people in traffic does not get you there faster or save any substantial amount of time. Other cars or stop lights / signs just cause the speeder to speed up and slow down again - in heavy traffic you only save a few seconds for each car you pass. Are you going to pass 200 cars in any given trip in the car? Will the 3 minutes you saved (which might be wasted at a stop light you could have avoided by slowing down) be worth cutting people off and tailgating? I've ridden with people who will break their neck trying to minimize the driving time to the mall / supermarket / whatever, and then spend 5 minutes driving around the parking lot looking for the closest space.   

       On the other hand, on the interstate speeding should be conditionally legal IMO, because you can actually save lots of time by driving 90 for 200 miles instead of driving 65. If traffic is scarce then you should be allowed to drive as fast as you can. Of course if there is a block of cars, there is no getting around them other than waiting to filter through at the avg speed. I am tired of impatient drivers trying to "bully" people out of the way, when obviously no car can go faster than the car ahead.   

       I think the police should write less speeding tickets and more tickets for "following too closely" and other opportunistic-assholish driving practices. Or maybe any speeding ticket should be backed up by another traffic offense, otherwise it is "harmless" speeding.
cmeador, Mar 25 2001

       Sounds like a god forsaken place to me. I can't imagine why you'd want to go there at all, let alone get there quickly.
DrBob, Mar 26 2001

       Not if your using the public transport system.
DrBob, Mar 26 2001

       Even without using public transport I don't think it's possible to do it by car without breaking speed restrictions.
Aristotle, Mar 26 2001

       Australians are easily amused.
Rusty, Mar 26 2001

       Speed amy compress long distances, but at speed, if something goes wrong, things go wronger from there... Personally, I find the US speed limits too low, except for the day a little old lady in her huge lunking Cadillac just did a slow u-turn on a major road, only meters in front of me. But then that opens a whole can of worms about driving age, etc.
jetckalz, May 17 2001


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