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True threat Radar Detector

Maps real threats, eliminates false +
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My radar detector trips off any darn signal it sees. The first thing I would like to do is kill its X band bleeps, I don't think cops in California use that anymore. But that's a simplistic fix.

The smart system: GPS married to radar. As you drive the radar gives it's merry warning tone. You know this to be the local Kmart door entry system. Press a button or use voice command to let system know this signal is rejected. If a 2nd additional signal is detected then it will alert on that one and inform as to what band etc. Again, one can specify to ignore in the future. Of course the system could just ignore a signal it sees 3x or whatever in the same location. Useful if you travel the same route.

Now this could be linked to a central system where all drivers input is correlated and sent out to your system as you enter a new area. Could always plug into USB<->Internet to update periodically instead of wireless data stream.

Pressing the button when no signal is emitted allows the driver to input a speed trap hot spot. Now any driver that gets the latest data (low data rate transmission) for that area will get a speed trap alert tone. This helps even if the cop is not using radar/laser. A central server may be able to deduce a pattern to the speed traps. Sometimes a speed alerting billboard is placed prior to the implementation of actual enforcement for example.

Widgit, Apr 16 2005


       I like it, but wouldn't that central system correlating driver input be vulnerable to cops marking the location of actual radars as "Kmart door entry" to catch unsuspecting motorists?
Chvorthq, Jun 09 2006

       That's wierd that you are 8 days in the future...
BJS, Jun 09 2006

       When serial enforcement is scheduled for a specific zone, the information is published in the local paper a few days before. So, can you add OCR and sufficient capability for the device to schedule this in?   

       Regardless, I'll take one.
normzone, Jun 10 2006


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