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Tight-arse wallet

Watch out, he's got his wallet out!
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Birthday cards; they sing when you open them. But this technology is under-utilised, and could be used for more important things.
Fiendishly modify the song and get the creaking of a 14th century oak door that hasn't seen tallow since it was hung, then install in a shiny, fat wallet.
Ling, Aug 07 2007


       The gift that keeps on giving, for those givers who seldom give.
theNakedApiarist, Aug 07 2007

       tres bon +
xenzag, Aug 07 2007

       + and then there is mine that should have the sound of a waterfall of coins spilling all over until the well runs dry.
xandram, Aug 07 2007

       Tight arse wallet(2)-- Excersise equipment -- Spring loaded wallet carried between arse cheeks, kept in place by clenching - giving user toned buns - of course relaxing results in unsightly lump in back of your short pants (motivation) - 'course gettin' out your smelly wad in public might cause a stink.
the dog's breakfast, Aug 07 2007

       Or just the sound you hear on "The Price is Right" when you lose a game,   

       Wai-wai wai--waiiiiiii.......   

       To symbolize an always 'light' wallet
evilpenguin, Aug 07 2007

       I was picturing a wallet that was exceedingly difficult to open.   

       "Please be patient, Officer. I'm trying to get my license out ..."   

       But a bun nonetheless for an utterly absurd idea that goes perfectly with annoying ringtones and car alarm activation beeps. [+]
nuclear hobo, Aug 08 2007

       Just like a recent ATM idea, some moths could come out on cue when brokeazz.
Giblet, Aug 09 2007

       cha ching!
dentworth, Aug 09 2007

       My bill clip already whimpers. (+)   

       Absurd! [+]
methinksnot, Aug 10 2007


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