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Woman's Wallet

Butt-specific WOMEN'S wallet
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yes, read them
cowgirl18991, Apr 11 2002

Bend With The Butt Cards http://www.halfbake...0the_20Butt_20Cards
Seems relevant... [-alx, Apr 11 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

another relevant idea http://www.halfbake...tock_20Measurements
[sappho, Apr 11 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       To each her own, I guess.  I don't want a wallet in my back pocket, myself.  In order for it to be thin enough to be comfortable and not look silly, it wouldn't hold enough to be very useful to me. Plus, I'd have to find a bank that issues butt-shaped credit cards.
bristolz, Apr 11 2002

       I (as a guy) always keep my wallet in my front pocket; otherwise it bothers me whenever I sit down. Less chance of getting pick-pocketed that way too.
Jeremi, Apr 11 2002

       Yep, front pocket stowage adds a healthy looking bulge as well (probably not for the ladies though!)
dare99, Apr 11 2002

       be like the Queen and never carry money. I don't.
And... (I think this is the first time I have said this) ...BAKED! there are millions of designs for women's wallets, like everything else there are far more choices for women than for men. What you want sounds like a Tula item. Not cheap, but lovely soft leather.
Given recent exchanges on 'Standardised Buttock Measurements', are you trying to keep the halfbakery's attention focused on ladies' rear ends, 'cowgirl'?
sappho, Apr 11 2002

       "Baby got back..."
phoenix, Apr 11 2002

       I think everybody should be like me; disorganized and walletless. I think if every person was like me, the world would be a better place.
DonutBox, Apr 11 2002

       Just sew on an extra flap to the right and left breast pockets of your top, fastened by velcro or a zip, into which you can place cards and money, receipts and indegestion tablets.
vimto, Apr 11 2002

       They'd need "bend with the breast" cards for that.
waugsqueke, Apr 11 2002

       Don't mean to be rude, but . . . why the need to genderize the wallet?

You want a soft wallet that conforms to the butt. Such things exist. It just so happens that most of the folks who buy them are men.

Other than tampons, jock straps, etc., products are inherently gender-neutral.

It is amazing that so many marketers for so many different products automatically exclude half of their potential market by needlessly genderizing their products.
quarterbaker, Apr 11 2002

       I don't have wallets or purses, I just take whatever money I need out with me either in my pocket or down my sock.
arora, Apr 11 2002

       Who was the guy who did the, "...flying, butt-shaped.." postings?
entremanure, Apr 12 2002

       // That's gonna look good in a bar. Bending over to get money out of your sock. //   

       Depends where you put your sock.
waugsqueke, Apr 12 2002

       Does it really depend where you put your sock? I mean if you're wearing it on your foot it seems strange bending over to extract cash from it. If you have a sock in your pocket which you pull out whenever you need money from it seems even stranger. Where can you wear it where it won't seem strange?
percy, Apr 12 2002

       Ah. Well, see, in that case, it wouldn't look strange at all.
waugsqueke, Apr 12 2002

       //since most of us wear tight pants//   

       oh really?
bluerowan, Apr 13 2002

       Maybe the pants aren't tight enough....or the shape for them aren't right, because otherwise why would the woman need a wallet to pay for anything?
Graciem, Apr 14 2002

       I'd just like to see women's pants which HAVE back pockets. Wallets that are thin and bendable do exist, you just have to look long and hard for them.
ickle me, Apr 14 2002

       A lot of 'em do HAVE pockets ijn the back..   

       Like quarterbaker said, i guess that there probably are soft ass-wallets out there that arent REALLY gender specific, but still the stereotype exists   

       as of right now,i do wear a wallet that is primarily for men on my butt....
cowgirl18991, Apr 16 2002

       You are strangely fixated with wallets, and discussing your butt.
waugsqueke, Apr 17 2002

       see links, waugsqueke.
sappho, Apr 17 2002

       Wallets are already highly genderized.   

       I prefer checkbook style wallets, but 90% of these come in hot pink, with a change purse, and straps attached. Not exactly what I want people to see in my pocket. I'd rather have one with skulls, and crossbones, and a nice chain strap.   

       You apparently prefer the bill fold type, which traditionally comes in black leather, with skulls, crossbones, and a chain strap, and would prefer to have something a little more delicate...
ye_river_xiv, Aug 24 2006


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