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Vehicle Electronic Counter Measures

Vehicle Electronic Counter Measures
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This consists of several parts: 4 antennae that stick out horizontally from the front and rear of your vehicle, on the sides so that your vehicle has a fork-like appearance in the front and back. They would look something like refueling probes on naval aircraft and helicopters. Also, there is a multi-directional pod on the roof, similar in appearance to the DIRCM countermeasure system on modern military aircraft, only smaller, about the size of a billiard ball.

When the front antennae pass through a cop's radar/lidar/laser beam, the antenna itself having too narrow a profile to set off the beam, it detects the presence of the beam, and relays this data to the pod, which rotates to face the source of the beam and sends a countersignal, which sets and holds the speed gun's display to a legal number until the rear antennae pass through the beam, then releases its hold on the source.

The policeman, seeing your vehicle pass, looks at the gun's display, sees a number well within the legal limit, and happily returns his attention to his neglected doughnuts and coffee, peacefully unaware that he has just been duped.

(edit) multiple pods could be installed to dupe several cops at the same time. Particularly useful on Superbowl Sunday, when I got my first ticket ever, having been pulled over more times than I can count without a single ticket during regular days.

(sub-edit) These pods could also be disguised as simple ornaments, mounted on the hood and trunk of a vehicle instead of on the roof.

21 Quest, Feb 10 2006

"Malicious Interference" http://www.fcc.gov/.../1998/rockymtn.html
What the FCC thinks of this device. [Shz, Feb 10 2006]

We be jammin' http://www.speedzones.com/jammers.html
[Shz, Feb 10 2006]


       You do realize that police are required to be able to visually estimate your speed? They don't need a radar gun reading to write you a ticket for reckless driving. The number on a radar gun just lightens their workload.

       Also, radar guns work from behind, too.
Freefall, Feb 10 2006

       I know they work from behind. This is why there are probes on the back as well as the front. It works the same way from back to front as from front to back. Also, combining this with a common radar detector will let you know that you are being watched.

       You can not be given a ticket unless the cop can prove how fast you are going. The only way to do this without electronic means is to match your speed. He won't try to match your speed unless he thinks the gun is giving a false reading, by which time you know he's watching you and you can slow down accordingly.

       I guess they could also get a fix on your speed by timing you between 2 police cars, but I haven't figured out a way around that yet, and it's not as common a practice as speed guns anyway.
21 Quest, Feb 10 2006

| ...............|

       Somehow, I think they'd know if you were using one of these.
nick_n_uit, Feb 13 2006

       Especially if they're designed after the ASCII character set.
bristolz, Feb 13 2006


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