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Washing-line umbrella

Umbrella for washing-lines
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An umbrella which rises up through the central pole of a rotary clothes-line, unfurls itself and lowers down over your washing to protect it from the rain. The umbrella could be activated by remote control or by rain-sensors on the rotary line. When it stops raining, the umbrella rises up again, re-furls (after giving itself a shake), and slots back down inside the pole. This gadget would eliminate the need to keep pegging out and bringing in undried washing everytime it rains.
pussygalore, Sep 08 2001

http://www.cordvale.com/ From lee2. More realistic low-tech version of the same thing. [jutta, Jun 09 2002]


       If this isn't baked you'd better call the patent office before I do.
Redbrickterrace, Sep 20 2001

       i just keep looking at this thinking, hmmmm, thats not such a bad idea. all that high tech sensor stuff is too much, just an umbrella big as one of those out door cafe table umbrellas. slide it in if it is going to drizzle. of course you better hope there is no wind, cuz your dainties might get carried away and all that nasty windblown sideways rain would defeat the purpose.
1MilesWest2, Oct 30 2001


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